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Please feel free to contact iQualifi if you have any questions about us or our products. Jonathan, Abigail and the team are available 8am to 8pm to answer your calls and deal with your enquires. You may also like to look at our course outline pages which provide detailed information on each course we provide. Alternatively you can e-mail us with any questions you may have on 

We work with businesses and individuals across the United Kingdom and welcome all who contact us. Our goal is to provide outstanding training and customer support for all our clients. We do this by providing easy to use and understandable courses accessed though the dashboard on our website.  

We offer courses in Food Hygiene and Education as these are the areas where we have specialist knowledge, experience and qualifications. You can purchase with confidence and know you will be receiving courses which provide the essential safety areas you need for your qualification. Courses are easy to use and make learning enjoyable and memorable. There will be a team on hand to help all learners with any questions they may have. Read our reviews and testimonials which demonstrate how helpful are team our and how successful business and individuals have been in achieving safety qualifications with iQualifi. 

As well as providing statuary qualifications in Food and Education safety we also provide bespoke training courses. We have worked with local councils to write specific safety courses for their needs. This is achieved by establishing the outcomes required by the client, we then provide a proposal which identifies how we can meet their desired outcomes. Once this is agreed we will then develop a bespoke online safety training course as per the proposal. We make sure we deliver on time and aim to exceed expectations. Our areas of specialism are in Food Hygiene and Education. One example is a School Street closure training for primary schools. This bespoke course was developed rapidly in 2020 to meet the needs schools during the pandemic.  

Our content meets or exceeds the legal statuary requirements training in each qualification we provide. We know how frustrating poor quality e-learning courses can be and make every effort to bring our courses to life. We do this through continuous assessment on each page as opposed to a summative test. Scoring and progression is displayed throughout your course and navigation from page to page is automatic and simple with no chance of getting lost or missing a section. 

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About the team


The team at iQualifi is led by Jonathan and Abigail Evans. They are based on the Eastern Edge of Dartmoor in Devon.  Jonathan is an experienced safety trainer, qualified teacher and Centre Director who has successfully managed large operations and specialist Health & Safety events for over 18 years. This includes overseeing a residential Outdoor Education centre for 190 guests (See Linked-in profile for more information).  Jonathan has a wealth of teaching and training experience in Hospitality, Safeguarding and Outdoor Activities. Outdoor Activity training environments include Confined Spaces, Working at Height and Water environments. Jonathan has also has the privilege of supporting Jet Suit pioneers Gravity Industries (See Jet Suit video). Jonathan and Abigail pride themselves on providing outstanding learning in all iQualifi courses. This is achieved through bold and engaging content which leads to high levels of learner achievement. Learning is at the heart of iQualifi’s values and courses are internally and externally verified to ensure standards are exemplary. 

Our courses are written by leading industry experts in their fields. These include Jerry Diplock who has over 25 year of Food Hygiene auditing and Environmental Health experience.