Level 2

Food Safety & Hygiene


Who this course is for?

This course is for food handlers, cooks and people in food service. They are trained with essential knowledge to work in all food safety roles in Catering, Food Retail and Hospitality. The syllabus covers all aspects of food safety and hygiene ensuring staff are thoroughly trained. We also offer a Level 2 Food Hygiene for Food Manufacturers click here for further details

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Our Accreditation

Local Authority EHO accepted accreditation authorised by CPD and EHP, FIFST, RFoodSM and DipNebosh Food Hygiene Assessor – Jerry Diplock (Diplock Safety & Hygiene). Accrediting EHO approved Food Hygiene courses for over 25 years. Read More…

An Engaging Course

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Your training space

You will login to your own dashboard where you will complete your course, download and print your certificate at any time. We will print and post a card certificate for you to display. Business accounts will be given evidence of their team members training and qualifications.

Learning with us

The syllabus is divided into sections which are unpacked and clearly illustrated. Knowledge and understanding are built up and tested after each lesson in our continuous assessment model. An optional audio recording is available. The audio describes and reads aloud the content. 

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Volume discount

You can enrol your whole team onto the course with our online checkout. For 5 or more enrolments the course cost £14.99 per person.  


Level 2 Food Hygiene syllabus

Section 1 Food Safety

  • Food Safety 
  • Groups of Bacteria 
  • Food Poisoning and Vulnerable Persons

Section 2 Coronavirus Controls

  • Coronavirus Controls
  • Social Distancing in the Catering Environment
  • Covid-19 Controls
  • Visitors and Deliveries
  • Contact with Customers

Section 3 Food Law

  • Food Law
  • Temperature Requirements
  • The Power of Inspectors and Legal Consequences

Section 4 HACCP and traceability

  • HACCP and traceability
  • Safer Food Better Business
  • Traceability

Section 5 Microbial Hazards

  • Microbial Hazards
  • High-risk Foods and Food Preservation
  • Controlling Factors for Bacterial Growth
  • Bacterial Spores
  • Vehicles of Cross Contamination
  • Food Poisoning Bacteria & Foodborne Disease

Section 6 Safe Food Handling

  • Safe Food Handling
  • Food Purchase and Receipt
  • Temperature Control
  • Cross-Contamination
  • Date Codes & Stock Rotation
  • Physical & Chemical Contamination
  • Control of Allergens

Section 7 Food Handlers and Personal Hygiene

  • Food Handlers and Personal Hygiene
  • Clothing
  • Hand Washing
  • Fitness for Work and Carriers

Section 8 Food Pests, Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Food Pests
  • Common Food Pests
  • Food Waste
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection

Outstanding reviews

Duane Burcher-Lewis
Very Informative and easy to follow training course, I found it partuicularly helpful that you are able to ‘pause’ the training to fit around my daily work activities. having the additional voice over to documents was great. a Comprehensive list of topics covered. all round Thumbs Up.
Shaun Kilcourse
I took a hygiene level two course, very straight forward, very easy to follow instruction, would definitely use again if I need to access this type of course again
Hazel Sawyer HFX
Thank you, very informative. I found the site easy to use, I also did better than I thought I would.
Angela McCartney
Alittle difficult initally but completed
I found this Food Hygiene and Safety Course was exactly what I needed for the work I undertake in my job. I found this Food Hygiene and Safety Course I did very good and it covered all aspects of the subject needed for my work. Also very user friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending iQualifi to friends and other colleagues looking for courses that you cover.
Susan Evans
Excellent, informative, very good course
R Paul
Very easy to enrol and finish the course. Thank you.
Fantastic Level Two Food Hygiene and Safety course Fantastic course. Well presented. Written by renowned Jerry Diplock. He tutored the first Food Hygiene course I attended at Torridge District Council Environmental Health Department back in about 2006, so when I stumbled across this online course written by him, I knew it would be good. Friendly tutor, Jonathan talked me through the process of enrolling. This course was bang up to date with a section devoted to Covid19. Structured into about 38 parts with questions after each part and a couple of case studies at the end. This suited me as I don’t like to spend hours reading with a multiple choice at the end, when I may have forgotten something important. Unlike most Food hygiene courses, this course tries to make the questions thought provoking and relating to real life rather than just text book questions and answers. It took me about 2 hours to complete. Would highly recommend and can’t wait until iQualifi publish a Level Three course. Have now enrolled my husband on the course too!
Very enjoyable course thank you
Mr Andrew Noble
Good even better it saves progress if it fails to load

Time effective

Save yourself time, travel and Covid-19 risk with this online course. Available at any time, log in and out of this self-paced course. Interactive lessons take around 1 to 2 hours to complete. They are easy to set up and use with telephone support on hand to assist you. You will have immediate course access on checkout completion.

5 Star Success

Our course will give food handlers all that they need to understand Safer Food Better Business principles, the latest Covid-19 controls and achieve a 5 star ‘Score on the Doors’ food hygiene rating.   

Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene


See what our customers thought…

From ordering to the use of the training course everything was straight forward. The food hygiene course was in-depth and easy to follow, our staff particularly liked that the questions were read out to them.
We will definitely use again.
Collie Butchers
Awarding Winning Scottish Butchers
We used IQualifi to update the entire team of bakers. The process was extremely simple and was a cost effective way to ensure that our team are fully compliant with the latest Food Safety legislation. We will definitely being using IQualifi again in the future and can highly recommend them.
Peck and Strong
Baking Brilliance since 1980