Outdoor Safety Services

We support businesses and organisations to manage outdoor risks and ensure their activities, policies and practices are both safe and legally compliant.  Jonathan Evans is our principal Outdoor Safety consultant and advisor. He has over 22 years experience in outdoor safety and rescue leadership. We have an outstanding breadth of experience and qualifications across the outdoor safety sector. 

iQualifi are able to bring an exceptional knowledge and understanding of outdoor safety management and enable your project or operation to thrive.  Our services includes safety audits, risk analyses, pre-inspections, safety training and technical advice.

We are able to support with AALA licence, Adventure Mark, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene and Gas Safety inspections as well as site specific outdoor risks and operations. 

Areas of operation: 

  • Inland Water and Sea Safety, 
  • Mountain and Cliff Safety
  • Working at Height including Hi-Ropes courses. 
  • Cave and Mine Rescue, Casualty Care and recue operations. 
  • Residential Activity Centres. 
  • Medical life support 
  • Mountain Rescue 
  • Construction and Industrial Safety
  • Workplace Air Assessment
  • Food Hygiene 
  • Workplace Health & Safety  
  • AALA licence 
  • Residential centre Fire Safety 

Please contact us on 0800 8611896 or e-mail hello@iqualifi.co.uk for more information.