Level 2 Food Hygiene

Level 2 Food Hygiene
Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate

Level 2

Food Hygiene

You will have instant access to course which can be completed in less than 2 hours or in your own time. Certificate downloadable and posted. Easy to set-up for individuals or teams. 

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An Engaging Course

Level 2 Food Hygiene Course
Food Hygiene course features
Food Hygiene Training Course

Why choose this course?

This high quality Level 2 Food Hygiene course has been written by a leading UK food safety expert and trains users in all the essential areas. It is easy use, highly engaging and achievable within 2 hours. The courses comes with outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction. 

Who this course is for?

This course is for food handlers, cooks and people in food service. They are trained with essential knowledge to work in all food safety roles in Catering, Food Retail and Hospitality. The syllabus covers all aspects of food safety and hygiene ensuring staff are thoroughly trained. We also offer a Level 2 Food Hygiene for Food Manufacturers click here for further details

Our Accreditation

Local Authority EHO accepted accreditation authorised by CPD and EHP, FIFST, RFoodSM and DipNebosh Food Hygiene Assessor – Jerry Diplock (Diplock Safety & Hygiene). Accrediting EHO approved Food Hygiene courses for over 25 years. Recommended renewal for our courses is every 3 years. Have a question about the Level 2 Food Hygiene course or group purchasing services? Call us on 0800 8611896 or enquire

Level 2 Food Hygiene

Outstanding reviews

Ausra Marciulyniene
Super good perfeckt
Mark Smith
Good clear straight forward training that can be done dipping in and out.
Shirley Ann Green
So easy to use quick and easy site would definitely recommend
James West
A really useful and well presented course
Diane H
Easy to use. Information broken down into bitesized chunks. Any jargon clearly explained and accessible on every page. Certificate arrived within 48 hours!
Duane Burcher-Lewis
Very Informative and easy to follow training course, I found it partuicularly helpful that you are able to ‘pause’ the training to fit around my daily work activities. having the additional voice over to documents was great. a Comprehensive list of topics covered. all round Thumbs Up.
Shaun Kilcourse
I took a hygiene level two course, very straight forward, very easy to follow instruction, would definitely use again if I need to access this type of course again
Hazel Sawyer HFX
Thank you, very informative. I found the site easy to use, I also did better than I thought I would.
Angela McCartney
Alittle difficult initally but completed
I found this Food Hygiene and Safety Course was exactly what I needed for the work I undertake in my job. I found this Food Hygiene and Safety Course I did very good and it covered all aspects of the subject needed for my work. Also very user friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending iQualifi to friends and other colleagues looking for courses that you cover.

Your training space

  • You will login to your own dashboard where you will complete your course, download and print your certificate at any time. 
  • We will print and post a card certificate for you to display. Business accounts will be given evidence of their team members training and qualifications.

Learning with us

  • The syllabus is divided into sections which are unpacked and clearly illustrated. Knowledge and understanding are built up and tested after each lesson in our continuous assessment model.
  • An optional audio recording is available. The audio describes and reads aloud the content. 

Customer Support

Our sales, finance and education team are on hand to support you with any questions. Call us on 0800 8611896.


Volume discount

You can enrol your whole team onto the course with our online checkout. For 5 or more enrolments the course cost £14.99 per person.  


Time effective

  1. Save yourself time, travel and Covid-19 risk with this online course. 
  2. Available at any time, log in and out of this self-paced course. 
  3. Interactive lessons take around 1 to 2 hours to complete. 
  4. They are easy to set up and use with telephone support on hand to assist you.
  5. You will have immediate course access on checkout completion.

5 Star Success

Our course will give food handlers all that they need to understand Safer Food Better Business principles, the latest Covid-19 controls and achieve a 5 star food hygiene rating.   

Course Syllabus

The comprehensive Level 2 Food Hygiene course content can be seen on the link below. 

Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene

See what our customers thought of the Level 2 Food Hygiene course…

From ordering to the use of the training course everything was straight forward. The food hygiene course was in-depth and easy to follow, our staff particularly liked that the questions were read out to them.
We will definitely use again.
Collie Butchers
Awarding Winning Scottish Butchers
We used IQualifi to update the entire team of bakers. The process was extremely simple and was a cost effective way to ensure that our team are fully compliant with the latest Food Safety legislation. We will definitely being using IQualifi again in the future and can highly recommend them.
Peck and Strong
Baking Brilliance since 1980

Learn more about Level 2 Food Hygiene

Level 2 Food Hygiene – Food Safety course page

Safety in environments that handle food is absolutely essential. This is because mismanagement of Food Hazards and Contamination can lead to food poisoning outbreaks and poor hygiene conditions. This may result in the following outcomes:


1) Prosecution by the Council’s Environmental Health Practitioners & /or being sued for damages;

Failure of safety and quality standards

2) Low Food Hygiene Rating Scheme scores

Other consequences include; 3) Business closure; 4) Poor business reputation and loss of trade; 5) Poor staff retention and loss of conscientious staff.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme – A system of scoring devised by the Food Standards Agency to rate catering premises after inspection.  Scores range from 0 (urgent improvement is necessary) to 5 (very good).

Groups of Bacteria 

Bacteria can be loosely broken down into three groups. Beneficial bacteria which will not harm a consumer and may be useful in digestion. Bacterial pathogens which may make someone ill if they consume them. The final group is Spoilage Bacteria which make the food unsuitable for consumption.

Beneficial Bacteria

These are bacteria that live in animal and human intestines and help us break down food and extract nutrients as part of normal digestion.

Beneficial bacteria may be added to foods to provide claimed health benefits. Probiotic drinks and desserts such as ‘Yakult’ or ‘Activia’. Benefits are essential to some manufacturing foods such as cheeses, yoghurts and salamis.

Bacterial Pathogens

Most bacteria are non-pathogenic.  Pathogenic bacteria cause harm through production of toxins (poisons) into the food, or they may themselves be toxic and cause illness. Food poisoning is the result of eating (ingesting) a microbiological hazard present in food. 

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Pathogen carriers

You can be a carrier of pathogens, where you do not suffer symptoms, but can pass the infection to others, particularly where there is a poor standard of personal hygiene.

Reducing risk of being a carrier

You must not work and need to report to a supervisor if you suffer food poisoning symptoms

Examples of common bacterial pathogens are some strains of E.coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

These are commonly found in animal intestines and present in raw meat.

Spoilage Bacteria

 Spoilage Bacteria are not pathogenic, but result in the food becoming spoiled and unfit for consumption.  

Spoilage Bacteria

Spoilage bacteria being present can result in strong smells, ‘off’ tastes, discolouration.

Examples of bacterial food spoilage would be soured milk, slimy meat or blown vacuum packed foods. 

Signs of spoilage such as development of slime, souring, blown packs and fermentation will normally be visible.

Jargon Buster

Pathogenic bacteria – A bacteria that causes disease and illness.

Carrier – A person who harbours pathogenic organisms and can pass them to others without showing any symptoms.

Food Poisoning Symptoms – Common symptoms will include nausea, sickness, stomach pains, diarrhoea, sweating, fever and even collapse.  

Spoilage Bacteria – Bacteria that cause food to be unsuitable for supply to customers resulting in such issues as strong smells and ‘off’ tastes. They also include discolouration, development of slime, souring, blown packs and unwanted fermentation.

Food Poisoning and Vulnerable Persons

According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) there are about 2.4m cases of food poisoning in the UK every year. In some cases, these are linked to an outbreak and this is defined as two or more linked cases of confirmed food poisoning.  

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Consequences for food incidents

Where food poisoning from a business can be proved, this may result in compensation claims.

The premises may gain a poor reputation and legal action may be taken by the local Council’s Environmental Health Practitioners

Environmental Health Practitioners

These officers will investigate primarily to avoid a recurrence and also identify and deal with the cause.

EHP’s will investigate food incidents. This may include food poisoning and incubation periods (onset time) which is the time between consuming the contaminated food and development of symptoms. This can be a day or more.  

Anyone can get food poisoning, but it can be serious for those who are defined as vulnerable persons. Examples of vulnerable persons include: babies and pre-school children; pregnant women. The elderly and people who are already unwell (with compromised immunity).  Those who have allergic reactions to food are also included in this list.

Level 2

Food Hygiene & Safety

You will have instant access to course which can be completed in less than 2 hours or in your own time. Certificate downloadable and posted. Easy to set-up for individuals or teams. 

Select quantity of people who require this course. 

From £14.99 pp

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